Sunday, 22 February 2009

Shepherds Bush Empire.

Well, here I am. First in .... last out I'd imagine.
Setting up the wee mobile office in the depths of the Empire, waiting game commences for crew, backline, sound-check, more waiting, Ex Lovers, Vaults then the main attraction.
Nice hotel last night, thought I'd treat myself to K-West as I suspect I'm not getting many home comforts over the coming weeks. Hop, skip and a jump to the venue bright and early to get things moving. More updates as the day progresses ....

Slowly but surely the massed ranks of the musicians are arriving. Vaults loading in for their support. Peter en route. The atmosphere notches up one more increment ....

Sound check has started and it sounds mighty sweet. The sweeping strings. The atmospheric guitar stylings of Mr Coxon are being warmed up. Everyone's on board and expectations are high.

Fuck me. Can't talk. Amazing, simply amazing!

It's now the no man's land post sound check, pre-show. Some have toddled off for pizza, some for chicken bits. No sign of nerves yet .... that's what a good bout of rehearsing does for you. So, I'm off to practice my death moves in the dressing room and await the inevitable ....

The clock is ticking down. Doors just opened. The music's on. The crowd are gathering down th front. It's on it's way ....

Fuck me that was great!


  1. Whoooo can't wait for tonight
    I got a good feeling about this one

  2. Hola Pete & BabyShambles!!!!!!!!!:):):)
    I hope that all your concerts go very well in England & France!!!!!!:):):)

    What do you think about putting all Pete & BabyShambles' concerts together in this web page, for example, because sometimes I haven't found a concert of BabyShambles in different web pages in Internet & it's a bit discouraging because when you look for a certain concert in Internet, you can find other information about that concert which is not a very precise information, so you lose a lot of time looking for only one concert.
    Love from Bárbara:)!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Good afternoon Pete!!!!!:):):):):)
    I've seen your house in the documentary "24 Hours" & it's very beautiful. How many cats do you have? I have one & it's Persian. I also have a dog.
    I hope that your concert tonight is a success!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

  4. hey!! that's exciting!!! enjoy your night and say hello to Peter! (also, do you think you could take MR Coxon in your suitcase when you come to Paris??). I wish I could be at this gig :(

  5. Wish I was there. Hope all goes well. x

  6. goodmorningspider23 February 2009 at 02:00

    stellar show tonight. as a unit, you should all be incredibly proud.

    if he can keep this up, Peter might actually, finally, prove to the naysayers, cynics and general tabloid-reading public what many of us have known all along.

  7. Er, you didn't approve my comment - which just said something like glad it went so well and btw did you post your last upddate (sic) in the middle instead of at the end. But you did approve my corrected spelling of update - which makes no sense by itself and makes me look even more eccentric than I actually am!

    Very happy that all went so amazingly well on Sunday. x

  8. care to expand on the Death moves???


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