Saturday, 14 February 2009

Last Of The English Roses Video Shoot. Jamils's Perspective.

A some of you may know Jamil was kind enough to help out at the video shoot for 'Last Of The English Roses'. I asked him to write it up for this blog and he did and here it is ....

"The shoot and other malarkeyWow! This is my first blog of any kind...and so the opening sentenceof any piece of writing is nearly always the hardest. I am not adverseto the customs of blogging… but do spend my entire life on the net…trying to fit in real life...and as many bags of chips, films, andgigs as humanly possible in along the way…Although babybear asked me to spare you all of his usual (yet brilliant) ramblings… I fear myblog will just be ramblings of another sort…but here goes… I suppose the logical place to start would be to thank the folks at Lazy Eye… and in particular Adrian (AKA Babybear) for allowing me to be part of the video shoot for Last of the English Roses – the new single from Mr. Peter Doherty… which was the most surreal of experiences and yet…one of my most fun… Thank You! Like most days for me…the 11th of February started with a black cab ride…but this time to Britannia Leisure Centre…where upon wheeling out of the taxi, I was greeted by members of the production team, which included a cold, yet calm Douglas Hart (of Mary Chain fame), who would oversee and coordinate proceedings…With a fag in his hand, and possibly the whitest Converse I've ever seen…I followed Douglas, and the others, along the path to Shoreditch Park.. I wouldn't really consider myself a shy person these days…but I was lost for words… and truly bricking it…I had kindly been asked to do it as part of my work experience for my Directing degree... and my...what a day it was...I half knew what to expect as a trainee director but my training doesn't lie in music, andso most of it was new to me! Lip synching...and no such thing asambient sound to worry about…It was staggering. The main thing thathit me was the efficiency and speed at which this shoot was done...Time is indeed money folks!!!It was however, an extremely low budget affair, but because ofDouglas's thorough yet relaxed approach, it all was very smooth.Douglas is first and foremost a big fan of Peters work...It is allabout the music! They have a very solid relationship… Douglas countedthis as his 7th outing with Peter…making for a great sense ofteamwork…everyone mucking in... a video to compliment a wonderfultrack. Lyrically and musically this track is bang on! Poppy yetpoetic...complex yet accessible...Although I was told I could pop down at any point, like any selfrespecting director, I showed for the beginning of the shoot…9.30 amto be precise...Half out of my own sense of professionalism, but alsoout of pure curiosity. The reality of what I was doing didn't trulyhit me until a saw that Fedora! With tea and Jelly Babies in hand, Icouldn't resist asking Douglas a few purely directorial questions andother little gubbins...Basically stalking him and observing his waywith Pete, and the other members of crew…the orchestration of it allreally…very interesting…Aside from dodging the dog shit of Shoreditch Park, driving on the wetgrass was fun, if not a tad bumpy…if there is a will...there is a way!On wide shots we were told to hang behind the equipment van, as not tobe picked up… sprinkled with OAPs stopping...complete with tinydogs…and curiosity. Even the ocassional white van man stalled trafficto beep horns and give it the thumbs up. I am also a huge to see I wasn't the only one with a huge grin from ear brooding director face failing me..mostly.Judging from the Clash mag tracks and NMEs recent freebie, this isdefinitely a great start to what seems to be a promising year ahead. Imay be shot down for this but…I think that this is Peters most matureset of songs, and in many ways sounds like an artist, not only eagerto draw in new fans but satisfy old..a tough task but not impossible.A refreshing take on great songs... I also agree with Streetsassessment that Graham Coxon serves as a solid creative partner,someone to bounce ideas off and bring to the table, a whole new addeddepth. I personally could not think of anybody better. I hadreservations about Coxon and Street, as a music fan, friend, andfanboy…I take it all back…all of it…Jamil x"


  1. You know, what I like most about this is the learning I have to do to understand what is being said. I am an oldster you see but interested in life.

    The thing I like next is this notion of filling ones belly. This is a good thing. Much of life revolves around this concept but we have grown used to having too much and I do not think fully appreciate the pain and the horror that others, spirits all, go through for a simple hamburger that is tossed if a leaf is out of place. Sigh. This is what happens with great age. One has a tendency to lecture which proves that one is not wise at all.

    Good luck with your baby's shambling. Are you a mother and does this mean that your child is near walking age?

  2. Don't know quite what to say in response to the above .... ehm .... thanks?

  3. Well done Jamil. That was an unforgetable day for me as well! x

  4. Jamil all I want to know is where was I ...ur right handed person!!!.....u really are a talented so proud to know you and all our friends we meet along the are an Inspiration to Adrian/Babyshambles/Peter/...u deserve to be recognised...u really are more then what meets the eyexxxxLazy Eyexxxxx

  5. Jamil....Omg got to write something again as first thing didn't go through!!!
    All I can say is you are an me Adrian....the band and to anyone reading what you wrote...
    When I first became a fan I didn't imagine I would meet such great people along the way...I went with my Husband and when the gig was done...I would cry as I wouldn't know when the next one would be ...or more to the point if My Husband would accompany me again so soon....
    My life has changed so much through meeting people like you ...people who cared about Peter and felt the same way about the music...Reading your words just brings home how close we all are as a friendship and as a means to getting together... spending time with not only Babyshambles...Peter... Roses...or Helsinki...but together as fans.
    You are such a clever person like Peter not to be UN recognised for your words of wisdom....I am so Happy to have met you and can@t wait to see you againxxx

  6. Er. Sorry for being unclear. I was simply commenting on your short description of your blog where you indicate and I quote "my obsession with filling my belly". I thought that this might have to do with eating. I commented on eating...

    I also gather that you are involved at very high levels of the art world and congratulate you on this. I also thought that you had a young child and I commented on this as well. I presume shambling is a form of uncoordinated walking although I have never heard it said in the context of a baby walk.

    I hope you dont mind this second post. I dont normally post twice unless invited, So my excuses go with this as well.


  7. Thanks Jamil. What an amazing experience! I think I would have felt pretty much the same as you but I couldn't have expressed it anywhere near as well.

  8. No problem whatsoever. It's a pleasure and an honour to have someone read this never mind take some time out of their life to comment.
    My obsession with filling my belly is indeed something I take quite seriously.
    Today for example I had some wonderful home made soup augmented by the addition of a tasty ham hough provided by a kindly neighbour. I snacked on nuts and cake (chocolate) throughout the day and finally came dinner .... pan-fried venison steak with bacon, potato & cream casserole and mushrooms fried in the bacon fat. I'm rounding off the day with some more cake, wagon wheels, nuts and crisps .... perfect.

    I am very flattered that you consider the bands I work with worthy of being described as art and for this I thank you. Unfortunately I do not have a young child although I simply love youngsters. I fear I'd probably eat one if I was left to take care of it for an extended period of time so perhaps it's for the best I remain childless.

    Again, many thanks for taking the time to leave a comment here and I hope you come by to visit whenever you have a spare minute or so.

    Arrivederci .... until we meet again!

  9. Food is amazing! I laughed my ass of reading about your food obsession... I thought I was the only one, but I guess I was wrong.. I just spend 30 minutes writing a blog just about food... Now I'm hungry...

  10. Nice Blog. Was a good day, i got payed £85 to kick a football around with Peter and some other guys, can't complain :)


  11. Buggers! I told them I'd do it for £50 and a pie!

  12. So jealous - sounds like you had a wicked day. I agree with all you say about the new album from what I heard at the NME gig. Wish the new album would come out sooner so I can get to know the songs before the gig at the Troxie - probably see you there, I will bring the chips x


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