Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow ....

I love it here obviously. Been a good friend to us over the years. How are you going to take tonight though. It's not going to be a full on 'Shambolic' set. It's going to be great obviously (well I would say that) but more controlled but in no way contrived .....
Optimistic apprehension I believe is the term I'd use here.


  1. Optimism was well founded

    Outstanding concert

  2. Great gig last night mate!

  3. Hey Babybear,

    I was at the Barras last night and I have to say that the boy done good. I think that he was really brave to do tracks from a yet unreleased album but from where I was standing it looked as though the crowd were really enjoying the new stuff. If I was to say anything negative I would have to say that from the floor you couldn't really hear or see the orchestra which was a real shame as they add an extra dimension to the performance. Thanks to everyone involved with staging last nights show and haste ye back, it was a great night,

    Shona xx

    P.S. Glad to see that Peter appears to be in a better place at the moment ...... long may it continue.

  4. I went to the barras, I have to say it was immense. Fuck forever took the place by storm, and i got a little surprise from Adrian, a lovely signed top and programme from Peter. Can't Wait For Edinburgh


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