Monday, 9 February 2009

Peter In Ireland.

There's a very interesting and supportive article about Peter's appearance on The Late Late Show in Dublin right here. I think the author hits the nail right on the head and it's pleasing to see that there's someone out there writing with a bit of common sense and integrity. Thank you Mr Murtagh.


  1. Hola Pete & Lazy!!!!!!:):):)

    I'e read the article that talks about Pete's interview with Pat Kenny & it doesn't say anything!!!! Why do the journalists write without saying anything at all?? I'd rather read something like where he lives, which is his favourite food or band, which is his favourite colour or city to live...Please, say something important & meaningful!!!!;):):)
    I send MY LOVE to Pete, who is the most handsome man with green eyes on this planet:).

  2. same old, same old isn't it - all very boring to see yet another interview with Pete where the only subject is drugs and Kate, another 'the sun' type interview only bothered about the lows - no mention of how popular Pete is, how poetry is a massive part of his music and how much success he has had with the Libs and Shambles... but I guess we are used to it and Pete put Mr Kenny in his place. not knowing any songs of someone who your interviewing is a disgrace and a total opposite of the delightful interview Jonathon Ross did not so long ago.

  3. I watched the interview today, and I thought it was a total disgrace for journalism..

    How did this guy even get his job? I can't imagine he was hired based on his "skills"...

  4. That interview was a blight, just mind-bogglingly pointless and stupid.

    I loved the short op-ed piece from Murtagh - finally somebody who gets the point and understands what music is FOR.

    Did anyone record the Trinity talk? Now THAT would be worth watching.

  5. Peter´s interrogation by the guileless Pat Kenny was a disgrace and if it is any consolation, I´ve fired off an email to The Late Late Show to illustrate my disappointment ( in much more eloquent terms than my entry here !).

    Good luck with the album, see you on tour :)


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