Monday, 2 February 2009

Paris In The Snow.

Well, well folks. We've been plotted up in Paris since Saturday and all's going swimmingly. Had a relaxed night on Sunday then the rest of the entourage arrived on Sunday evening. NME and I.D.interviews all successful .... job done. Currently ensconced in a nice photo-studio taking some snaps for the NME. Mood is quite upbeat and we've been having fun playing dress up with some of the truly vile clothes sent by PR's all over Paris in the attempt to get Peter to wear them for the shoot. We too have snow here but it seems Paris is better geared up for climate aberrations as all's functioning and the couriers are certainly being kept busy dropping off ludicrous threads off with us.

We've been given the warnings that all garments must be returned .... Sheesh! No problem there chum. Slim pickings indeed!

Pics will be up shortly from the shoot and Taratata later I hope.
That's all for now folks!


  1. I am gonna do paris on the eurostar in me chair..would love to go...enjoy yerself and be good ;)

  2. pfff! relaxed night on sunday, c'est nul!


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