Monday, 23 February 2009

Crikey Last Night Was Corker.

The title says it all.
Last night was a brammer and I am so proud of everyone who made it happen.
Nothing more to report.


  1. Nothing more!

    Did you smuggle Senor Coxon up for the Barras show?

  2. un bloody believable. needed to pinch myself a few times.

  3. D'you suppose any of these gigs (with Graham Coxon and all the guests etc.) will be recorded for a live DVD or something of the sort?

  4. It was absolutely bleedin' brilliant, Up the Bilo, Bilo is God etc etc. Did I spy you weaving your way through the crowd from the sound desk - just before the encore? You looked rather deep in thought babybear!
    Anyway, well done and thank you to everyone that made it happen, some VERY happy fans filing out of the Empire last night and long may this last.

  5. aww tell us more than that


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