Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Creepy Creeps and The Creepy Things They Do.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, I wholeheartedly agree .... or do I?

I'm quite enjoying this blogging malarkey. When I have the time it's quite therapeutic to be able to mess around writing rubbish, sometimes writing thoughts, a bit of info .... It's quite pleasing to be privileged enough to be in the position to give out info on my bands (and their offshoots) to folks who are appreciative and good hearted. I have gotten some nice feedback from people commenting too. It's so nice to fire up the old pooter and in some way think that someone, somewhere has gotten a bit of info or a wee snap that maybe in some tiny way may have brightened up their day. Someone, may have raised a glimmer of a smile at my attempts to be funny. Just something positive coming from here to there .... wherever .... you maybe? Who knows.

In the grand scheme of things what does blogging achieve? I have no idea, and kind of in a way don't want to know, if people actually read this or give a tinker's toss about my ramblings. But that's the beauty of it. I may be writing this for no-one to read but it helps in some way right the kilter of my brain and stabilise my thought processes. Woooooooh!

That's why it's wonderful to get comments from people who have actually taken the time to read what, to me, are generally ridiculous rambles interspersed with some factual nuggets. Thanks for that folks.

One of the downsides is reading comments from people who seem to have nothing better to do than spit bile. Luckily these come far less often than the positive responses. To be honest they're like water off a duck's back, they don't bother me in the slightest and occaisionally actually give me the opportunity to have a bit of a laugh at the sender's expense. Do these people not think I have better things to do than take them at all seriously and that they have one iota of effect on me?

What puzzles me though (now that I am finally getting to the point) is what motivates these people? Do they think for a second that I am going to be affected or change my course because of their opinion? I'm lucky enough to have a fair few people who I consider friends and the majority of these are gifted, personable, rounded individuals .... the type of people who's opinions you will take on board. Quite why someone thinks that by posting (not just on here) ill-informed, ignorant, spiteful rubbish that I am suddenly going to think, "Hey, wait a minute that anonymous guy who just sent me a load of shit may have a point!". It kind of just proves how stupid they are by thinking I am stupid enough to take them seriously.

I'm in a bit of a quandary though .... 

Should I publish these comments or should I not. It's so easy not to publish and then take the piss knowing that the sender will be stalking around waiting to see what effect they've had .... ehmmmm, none mate, sorry.

Should I just ignore them? Perhaps. But it's so much more fun taking the piss.

Should I publish and be damned? Stick them up there for everyone's amusement .... or maybe I'm just scared that the miniscule amount of people who read this blog may agree with them. Now that would really, be fucking scary!


  1. hmmm, but any people that would be inclined to agree with these bile spiters perhaps wouldn’t be the sort of folk that you'd be interested in prov iding info for/ smile raising smile anyway?

    on another note how you coping without the lRJ?

  2. I logged in especially to comment just so you know I do take the time to read all your blogs ... even tho' I don't always have time to comment!

  3. You don't leave the rubbish on the kitchen floor, don't you?
    Try to keep your house clean.

  4. You ain't been round mine obviously Urban .....

  5. I disagree.. I don't think everyone is entitled to an opinion.. If somebody is just posting crappy comments to get attention, and has no real opinion based on arguments and knowledge, I think that person needs to, how shall I put this, NOT TALK.. I think you should post the comments if they are so ridiculous they make everybody laugh. If they are insulting, you shouldn't. But most of all, you shouldnt be bothered. People won't agree with people writing based-on-nothing rubbish, because most people know better...

    Ha, nice to get it out of my system! ;)

  6. Babybear, I think you're right to not publish the bile. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion I suppose but that opinion is worth very little if it has no reasons to offer it support. If people just send you rants of the this is **** or whatever type they aren't giving you any reason to post their comments apart from their own desire for some sort of fame by association. If this is what they want then perhaps they could consider starting their own blog and publish their thoughts in full, and then post all the responses they receive.

    Posting insulting things for people you will never meet to read is a nasty trait in anyone's character isn't it. It's done to hurt, no question. Don't let it do so. Publicity will just encourage, so ignore them.

    And anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. It's nicely written and informative. Just thought I'd say.

  7. Haha! I just decided against posting a freaking looong post about me being just another anonymous guy but not a moaning idiot and .. yeah well.
    I just wanted to say that what you´re doing is special and appreciated. (again, as you deserve to hear it daily).
    And even if there´s no info at all - you´re funny and I enjoy reading this blog. And that´s already enough for me to come on here and check for updates. ;)

  8. ChildOfSpring said... "People won't agree with people writing based-on-nothing rubbish, because most people know better"

    Yes, but the depressing thing is, people don't know better. These people who post rubbish only believe what they do, because they've agreed with the rubbish they've read in the Sun/Mail etc. If only people weren't such impressionable idiots then we would be able to let them talk. I believe freedom of speech is freedom of educated ideas, rather than freedom to spout regurgitated nonsense.

  9. You're okay you are, Babybear. Grace under fire. Freedom of speech is not an excuse to slag someone off in their own living room.

    All the best


  10. The first page keeps on promising me some adult content and I can't see any :-/
    Come on Adrian!


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