Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bits, Bobs, Bonces and Buttocks From Paris & Potter's Nation.

Stoke Underground.
This guy had such an impressive bonce it had to be documented.
Have you noticed the tie's printed on the t-shirt!
Good for looking smart at the front of a gig but without the danger of accidental manual strangulation.
He also seems to look incredibly calm given what the bloke behind him's up to! Not even a hint of a grimace.
I couldn't see from my angle but I bet he was wearing a some Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Moonboots!
Stoke Underground.
Can you spot yourself?
Stoke Underground.
The bonce is back!
And .... He's wearing a digital watch!
Someone track this man down. I want to present him with the inaugural babybear blog, "Man Of Style And Substance Award"!
Stoke Underground.
A contemplative moment .... or something.
We bumped into some old friends at Le Mouv.
Les Fesses.
Radio Studio, Paris.
Same Radio Studio, Paris.
Peter & Tom.
Peter (left) Tom (right).


  1. Great photos cant see myself though..

  2. Isn't that you with the moonboots on?

  3. I'm french... never heard about a radio live... when was it ? for which radio broadcast ?...

    sorry I can't speak english, hope you'll understand and answer :D

    thanks for this blog and thanks to peter and shambles...
    can't wait for the album ! and can't wait the gig in Lille

  4. lol No it isnt! but i would happily accept the award on his behalf!

  5. We did several radio sessions ....
    Europe 1, Le Mouv and Virgin (Camille & Bruno).
    I don't have broadcast details yet.

  6. Anyway your guy from the Vaults also had a fair Bonce on him

  7. ahhh now that raised a chuckle, cheers big ears! (nice bum shot n'all)

  8. Nice pictures, when was it? When you were in Paris early february?

  9. That gave me a well needed chuckle,thanks Adrian!

  10. Gutted Gutted Hero comes to town and I just get to hear about did i miss this??????

  11. I think I just fell in love with that award winning guy ... Or maybe it's just the watch, I'm not sure...

  12. Je vous parle d'un temps
    Que les moins de vingt ans
    Ne peuvent pas connaître
    Montmartre en ce temps-là
    Accrochait ses lilas
    Jusque sous nos fenêtres
    Et si l'humble garni
    Qui nous servait de nid
    Ne payait pas de mine
    C'est là qu'on s'est connu
    Moi qui criait famine
    Et toi qui posais nue

    La bohème, la bohème
    Ça voulait dire on est heureux
    La bohème, la bohème
    Nous ne mangions qu'un jour sur deux

    Dans les cafés voisins
    Nous étions quelques-uns
    Qui attendions la gloire
    Et bien que miséreux
    Avec le ventre creux
    Nous ne cessions d'y croire
    Et quand quelque bistro
    Contre un bon repas chaud
    Nous prenait une toile
    Nous recitions des vers
    Groupés autour du poêle
    En oubliant l'hiver

    La bohème, la bohème
    Ça voulait dire tu es jolie
    La bohème, la bohème
    Et nous avions tous du génie

    Souvent il m'arrivait
    Devant mon chevalet
    De passer des nuits blanches
    Retouchant le dessin
    De la ligne d'un sein
    Du galbe d'une hanche
    Et ce n'est qu'au matin
    Qu'on s'asseyait enfin
    Devant un café-crème
    Epuisés mais ravis
    Fallait-il que l'on s'aime
    Et qu'on aime la vie

    La bohème, la bohème
    Ça voulait dire on a vingt ans
    La bohème, la bohème
    Et nous vivions de l'air du temps

    Quand au hasard des jours
    Je m'en vais faire un tour
    A mon ancienne adresse
    Je ne reconnais plus
    Ni les murs, ni les rues
    Qui ont vu ma jeunesse
    En haut d'un escalier
    Je cherche l'atelier
    Dont plus rien ne subsiste
    Dans son nouveau décor
    Montmartre semble triste
    Et les lilas sont morts

    La bohème, la bohème
    On étaient jeunes, on étaient fous
    La bohème, la bohème
    Ça ne veut plus rien dire du tout
    peut etre fait et refait
    mais jolie représentation

  13. Smashing.
    That was lovely.
    Can anyone tell me what it means?

  14. Just in case if you are not overfilled with the spam from us, the fools, here are the two pence about the french song:
    I had a weird idea here in my very east of Europe that you guys in your very west of Europe who travel to France that often should understand French (just kidding).
    I think the lyrics (well, the translation - I'm not that clever to read French :)) is wonderful and suitable and... (sadly) has something in common with all that about Peter and friends, that we hope to witness during the 2009... I hope my words make sense - there's a hope for focused and healthy Peter, great gigs from all the Babyshambles together and solo, new album(s) and new songs, that tickling and taking-breath-away feeling of expectation of The Libertines reunion... and also there's a splinter of realization in the heart that nothing is going to be the same, that the addictions are no less than diseases that tend to become uncontrollable, that each year runs faster than the previous... That adds a bit of sadness to the lot of hope ;)
    Anyway, the beginning of the year is promising. Stay on course!

  15. it's a song by Aznavour. Here the link to the song with english subtitles

  16. thanks for the link !!
    i m so bad to translate in english....


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