Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Paris Pics (Part II) And New Love Grows On Trees Video.

Ain't had the best internet facilities of late so it's taken a wee while to get these fellows up but I'd like to think they are worth the wait. I got back from Paris today to cold and snowy Scotland. One near miss of a punch up with the bloke running the taxi queue at Glasgow airport and I find myself back in the cold, cold West Of Scotland. Lots of fond memories of the trip though. It was all work and no play on the surface but when your work is as enjoyable as those few days were then c'est la vie!

A warm welcome was found in snowy Paris and we even got to see a few of the sights. It was quite nostalgic to indulge some touristy pastimes when the work was done and dusted. The Eiffel Tower specifically, was great fun and Peter caused quite a stir amongst the sight seeing throngs. Babyshambles are kind of taking off quite nicely in France but in an odd way the attention is of a different nature. The public in general seems to care not a jot for the usual tabloid crapola and are so very welcoming and polite, quite a change from some of the public reactions we've encountered in the UK. I still love the UK but it's refreshing and interesting to experience a different perspective from somewhere which is only a short train journey away nowadays.

Looking forward to some more French trips as well as the upcoming UK dates. It's going to be an interesting year and, as I posted before, I am looking forward to it immensely! Things are on the up rather than on the uppers methinks, mehopes.

It was nice to bump into the boys from Keane at Taratata. We have mutual friends of friends and they were very welcoming and open. Lovely fellows. No ego problems detected which is a massive tick in one of the right boxes for me.

Apologies to the Frenchies who may think I neglected them .... aaaaw! Sorry mes amies but it was work, work, work this time. Plenty more trips to Paris on the cards so no doubt we'll hang out sometime if I'm not being a stick in the mud early to bed boy.

Well folks I hope you like these pics and the little video at the end.

Thanks to all the folks who had a smashing time with us on our sojourn .... Kenny, Nickie, Peter, Julien, Rini and The Boabie who made a surprise guest appearance in our hotel bar.

p.s. I ain't become a massive egotist. Dropper made me promise to post the horrible snap of me because she took it.

New Love Grows On Trees, Live in Paris, Jan, 2008.
Apologies for the video and sound quality. I am still finding my feet with conversion programmes which allow me to upload. I'll relace it if I get a better version because the original is 100 x better than this.


  1. That's a good version for sure. Plus I'm glad you're making him wrap up warm in this cold weather.
    Thanks for the updates.

  2. 'Love the photos !

  3. i want some updates and i'm still looking forward the adult content...

  4. Hi Pete, Lazy & BabyShambles,

    Those pictures are very beautiful, especially the photo in which Pete is on a bridge, I think it's in Paris.
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