Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Glasgow, Glasgow, Glasgow ....

I love it here obviously. Been a good friend to us over the years. How are you going to take tonight though. It's not going to be a full on 'Shambolic' set. It's going to be great obviously (well I would say that) but more controlled but in no way contrived .....
Optimistic apprehension I believe is the term I'd use here.


Righto folks .... I stress before posting this that this is NOT a no show because the show hasn't happened yet.
We have something important come up and it's my pleasure / displeasure as it were to inform you that we have to re-schedule Dundee to the 15th of April.
It may seem quite a way off to you guys (as it does to me) but we are working our bahookies off at the moment and that's the only window we have for it.
You never know .... Greenock might get lucky too!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Crikey Last Night Was Corker.

The title says it all.
Last night was a brammer and I am so proud of everyone who made it happen.
Nothing more to report.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Shepherds Bush Empire.

Well, here I am. First in .... last out I'd imagine.
Setting up the wee mobile office in the depths of the Empire, waiting game commences for crew, backline, sound-check, more waiting, Ex Lovers, Vaults then the main attraction.
Nice hotel last night, thought I'd treat myself to K-West as I suspect I'm not getting many home comforts over the coming weeks. Hop, skip and a jump to the venue bright and early to get things moving. More updates as the day progresses ....

Slowly but surely the massed ranks of the musicians are arriving. Vaults loading in for their support. Peter en route. The atmosphere notches up one more increment ....

Sound check has started and it sounds mighty sweet. The sweeping strings. The atmospheric guitar stylings of Mr Coxon are being warmed up. Everyone's on board and expectations are high.

Fuck me. Can't talk. Amazing, simply amazing!

It's now the no man's land post sound check, pre-show. Some have toddled off for pizza, some for chicken bits. No sign of nerves yet .... that's what a good bout of rehearsing does for you. So, I'm off to practice my death moves in the dressing room and await the inevitable ....

The clock is ticking down. Doors just opened. The music's on. The crowd are gathering down th front. It's on it's way ....

Fuck me that was great!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Last Of The English Roses.

Following the leak a few days ago of Last Of The English Roses I am happy to present the official version of this charming ditty. Hope you enjoy ....

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Howdy folks ....
We have something nice up our sleeves for our French friends.
A secret Grace/Wastelands playback at a secret location in Paris (a city full of secrets).
The site of the secret location is still secret but you could maybe find yourself there if you follow the link to the secret playback secret location competition site. Don't tell anyone .... it's a secret!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bits, Bobs, Bonces and Buttocks From Paris & Potter's Nation.

Stoke Underground.
This guy had such an impressive bonce it had to be documented.
Have you noticed the tie's printed on the t-shirt!
Good for looking smart at the front of a gig but without the danger of accidental manual strangulation.
He also seems to look incredibly calm given what the bloke behind him's up to! Not even a hint of a grimace.
I couldn't see from my angle but I bet he was wearing a some Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Moonboots!
Stoke Underground.
Can you spot yourself?
Stoke Underground.
The bonce is back!
And .... He's wearing a digital watch!
Someone track this man down. I want to present him with the inaugural babybear blog, "Man Of Style And Substance Award"!
Stoke Underground.
A contemplative moment .... or something.
We bumped into some old friends at Le Mouv.
Les Fesses.
Radio Studio, Paris.
Same Radio Studio, Paris.
Peter & Tom.
Peter (left) Tom (right).

Last Of The English Roses Video Shoot. Jamils's Perspective.

A some of you may know Jamil was kind enough to help out at the video shoot for 'Last Of The English Roses'. I asked him to write it up for this blog and he did and here it is ....

"The shoot and other malarkeyWow! This is my first blog of any kind...and so the opening sentenceof any piece of writing is nearly always the hardest. I am not adverseto the customs of blogging… but do spend my entire life on the net…trying to fit in real life...and as many bags of chips, films, andgigs as humanly possible in along the way…Although babybear asked me to spare you all of his usual (yet brilliant) ramblings… I fear myblog will just be ramblings of another sort…but here goes… I suppose the logical place to start would be to thank the folks at Lazy Eye… and in particular Adrian (AKA Babybear) for allowing me to be part of the video shoot for Last of the English Roses – the new single from Mr. Peter Doherty… which was the most surreal of experiences and yet…one of my most fun… Thank You! Like most days for me…the 11th of February started with a black cab ride…but this time to Britannia Leisure Centre…where upon wheeling out of the taxi, I was greeted by members of the production team, which included a cold, yet calm Douglas Hart (of Mary Chain fame), who would oversee and coordinate proceedings…With a fag in his hand, and possibly the whitest Converse I've ever seen…I followed Douglas, and the others, along the path to Shoreditch Park.. I wouldn't really consider myself a shy person these days…but I was lost for words… and truly bricking it…I had kindly been asked to do it as part of my work experience for my Directing degree... and my...what a day it was...I half knew what to expect as a trainee director but my training doesn't lie in music, andso most of it was new to me! Lip synching...and no such thing asambient sound to worry about…It was staggering. The main thing thathit me was the efficiency and speed at which this shoot was done...Time is indeed money folks!!!It was however, an extremely low budget affair, but because ofDouglas's thorough yet relaxed approach, it all was very smooth.Douglas is first and foremost a big fan of Peters work...It is allabout the music! They have a very solid relationship… Douglas countedthis as his 7th outing with Peter…making for a great sense ofteamwork…everyone mucking in... a video to compliment a wonderfultrack. Lyrically and musically this track is bang on! Poppy yetpoetic...complex yet accessible...Although I was told I could pop down at any point, like any selfrespecting director, I showed for the beginning of the shoot…9.30 amto be precise...Half out of my own sense of professionalism, but alsoout of pure curiosity. The reality of what I was doing didn't trulyhit me until a saw that Fedora! With tea and Jelly Babies in hand, Icouldn't resist asking Douglas a few purely directorial questions andother little gubbins...Basically stalking him and observing his waywith Pete, and the other members of crew…the orchestration of it allreally…very interesting…Aside from dodging the dog shit of Shoreditch Park, driving on the wetgrass was fun, if not a tad bumpy…if there is a will...there is a way!On wide shots we were told to hang behind the equipment van, as not tobe picked up… sprinkled with OAPs stopping...complete with tinydogs…and curiosity. Even the ocassional white van man stalled trafficto beep horns and give it the thumbs up. I am also a huge fan..so.glad to see I wasn't the only one with a huge grin from ear toear...my brooding director face failing me..mostly.Judging from the Clash mag tracks and NMEs recent freebie, this isdefinitely a great start to what seems to be a promising year ahead. Imay be shot down for this but…I think that this is Peters most matureset of songs, and in many ways sounds like an artist, not only eagerto draw in new fans but satisfy old..a tough task but not impossible.A refreshing take on great songs... I also agree with Streetsassessment that Graham Coxon serves as a solid creative partner,someone to bounce ideas off and bring to the table, a whole new addeddepth. I personally could not think of anybody better. I hadreservations about Coxon and Street, as a music fan, friend, andfanboy…I take it all back…all of it…Jamil x"

Kilamangiro, Stoke Underground, 12/2/09.

Having another wee mess about with the old video uploading.

Hope this works. Thanks to everyone at the Underground for a lovely night.

Quick word to one kid there though, dressing and doing your hair like Donny Tourette and aping his 'craziness' doesn't make you cool. Ehmmm, it actually makes you just look like a bit of a fud.

Perhaps that's just me being a cynical, old bugger but the kid did think that a good night out consisted of annoying everyone in the room with his 'wacky', 'punk rock' antics .... I blame the parents for buying him a leather jacket and a bumper book of rock 'n' roll cliches etc etc.

Funny thing was that I had said to Kenny, "That kid'll be out of here on his arse before the night's over" .... My prediction came true somewhat unsurprisingly.

All in all a good night though and well worth the journey to 'Potter's Nation' (sorry).

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Creepy Creeps and The Creepy Things They Do.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, I wholeheartedly agree .... or do I?

I'm quite enjoying this blogging malarkey. When I have the time it's quite therapeutic to be able to mess around writing rubbish, sometimes writing thoughts, a bit of info .... It's quite pleasing to be privileged enough to be in the position to give out info on my bands (and their offshoots) to folks who are appreciative and good hearted. I have gotten some nice feedback from people commenting too. It's so nice to fire up the old pooter and in some way think that someone, somewhere has gotten a bit of info or a wee snap that maybe in some tiny way may have brightened up their day. Someone, may have raised a glimmer of a smile at my attempts to be funny. Just something positive coming from here to there .... wherever .... you maybe? Who knows.

In the grand scheme of things what does blogging achieve? I have no idea, and kind of in a way don't want to know, if people actually read this or give a tinker's toss about my ramblings. But that's the beauty of it. I may be writing this for no-one to read but it helps in some way right the kilter of my brain and stabilise my thought processes. Woooooooh!

That's why it's wonderful to get comments from people who have actually taken the time to read what, to me, are generally ridiculous rambles interspersed with some factual nuggets. Thanks for that folks.

One of the downsides is reading comments from people who seem to have nothing better to do than spit bile. Luckily these come far less often than the positive responses. To be honest they're like water off a duck's back, they don't bother me in the slightest and occaisionally actually give me the opportunity to have a bit of a laugh at the sender's expense. Do these people not think I have better things to do than take them at all seriously and that they have one iota of effect on me?

What puzzles me though (now that I am finally getting to the point) is what motivates these people? Do they think for a second that I am going to be affected or change my course because of their opinion? I'm lucky enough to have a fair few people who I consider friends and the majority of these are gifted, personable, rounded individuals .... the type of people who's opinions you will take on board. Quite why someone thinks that by posting (not just on here) ill-informed, ignorant, spiteful rubbish that I am suddenly going to think, "Hey, wait a minute that anonymous guy who just sent me a load of shit may have a point!". It kind of just proves how stupid they are by thinking I am stupid enough to take them seriously.

I'm in a bit of a quandary though .... 

Should I publish these comments or should I not. It's so easy not to publish and then take the piss knowing that the sender will be stalking around waiting to see what effect they've had .... ehmmmm, none mate, sorry.

Should I just ignore them? Perhaps. But it's so much more fun taking the piss.

Should I publish and be damned? Stick them up there for everyone's amusement .... or maybe I'm just scared that the miniscule amount of people who read this blog may agree with them. Now that would really, be fucking scary!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Unveiled, Grace/Wastelands Artwork.

I'll say no more and let you ponder.
Hope you like it!

Peter In Ireland.

There's a very interesting and supportive article about Peter's appearance on The Late Late Show in Dublin right here. I think the author hits the nail right on the head and it's pleasing to see that there's someone out there writing with a bit of common sense and integrity. Thank you Mr Murtagh.

Peter Doherty, Dundee Doghouse.

There's a 'secret' low key show in Dundee at the Doghouse on Feb 25th 2008.
Tickets are first come first served in a local butcher's shop I think.
First time on the East coast for a while. The venue only holds three hundred so I think we may have a suitable night of mayhem and melody.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Paris Pics (Part II) And New Love Grows On Trees Video.

Ain't had the best internet facilities of late so it's taken a wee while to get these fellows up but I'd like to think they are worth the wait. I got back from Paris today to cold and snowy Scotland. One near miss of a punch up with the bloke running the taxi queue at Glasgow airport and I find myself back in the cold, cold West Of Scotland. Lots of fond memories of the trip though. It was all work and no play on the surface but when your work is as enjoyable as those few days were then c'est la vie!

A warm welcome was found in snowy Paris and we even got to see a few of the sights. It was quite nostalgic to indulge some touristy pastimes when the work was done and dusted. The Eiffel Tower specifically, was great fun and Peter caused quite a stir amongst the sight seeing throngs. Babyshambles are kind of taking off quite nicely in France but in an odd way the attention is of a different nature. The public in general seems to care not a jot for the usual tabloid crapola and are so very welcoming and polite, quite a change from some of the public reactions we've encountered in the UK. I still love the UK but it's refreshing and interesting to experience a different perspective from somewhere which is only a short train journey away nowadays.

Looking forward to some more French trips as well as the upcoming UK dates. It's going to be an interesting year and, as I posted before, I am looking forward to it immensely! Things are on the up rather than on the uppers methinks, mehopes.

It was nice to bump into the boys from Keane at Taratata. We have mutual friends of friends and they were very welcoming and open. Lovely fellows. No ego problems detected which is a massive tick in one of the right boxes for me.

Apologies to the Frenchies who may think I neglected them .... aaaaw! Sorry mes amies but it was work, work, work this time. Plenty more trips to Paris on the cards so no doubt we'll hang out sometime if I'm not being a stick in the mud early to bed boy.

Well folks I hope you like these pics and the little video at the end.

Thanks to all the folks who had a smashing time with us on our sojourn .... Kenny, Nickie, Peter, Julien, Rini and The Boabie who made a surprise guest appearance in our hotel bar.

p.s. I ain't become a massive egotist. Dropper made me promise to post the horrible snap of me because she took it.

New Love Grows On Trees, Live in Paris, Jan, 2008.
Apologies for the video and sound quality. I am still finding my feet with conversion programmes which allow me to upload. I'll relace it if I get a better version because the original is 100 x better than this.

Monday, 2 February 2009

The Promised Snaps.

Dropper and The Boabie.
The Boabie and Eva.
Droper .... More to come.

Paris In The Snow.

Well, well folks. We've been plotted up in Paris since Saturday and all's going swimmingly. Had a relaxed night on Sunday then the rest of the entourage arrived on Sunday evening. NME and I.D.interviews all successful .... job done. Currently ensconced in a nice photo-studio taking some snaps for the NME. Mood is quite upbeat and we've been having fun playing dress up with some of the truly vile clothes sent by PR's all over Paris in the attempt to get Peter to wear them for the shoot. We too have snow here but it seems Paris is better geared up for climate aberrations as all's functioning and the couriers are certainly being kept busy dropping off ludicrous threads off with us.

We've been given the warnings that all garments must be returned .... Sheesh! No problem there chum. Slim pickings indeed!

Pics will be up shortly from the shoot and Taratata later I hope.
That's all for now folks!