Monday, 26 January 2009

My Generation: Babyshambles & Roger Daltrey.

After hours of messing about and days of therapy to rid myself of my innate technophobia I have finally worked out how to convert video files from my camera into the required format to post.
So folks, I'll start with a nice exclusive! This is the premiere of My Generation as performed by Babyshambles and Roger Daltrey in memory of the late Dan Squires ....
Hope this works.

Well hopefully you're now watching and enjoying. Video can't obviously convey the atmosphere of being in the room that night but it was undeniably special as I am sure anyone who was there will attest to. Sure it was a little rough around the edges, so what. One rehearsal folks .... shoot me you miserable buggers if it wasn't polished enough for you!

Roger was the one who actually hit the nail on the head when he said it was all about having fun and playing a bit of rock 'n' roll. It certainly was all of that and more.

Hope to have some more videos up sometime if this is successful but as this is my second attempt I wouldn't hold your breath. My technophobia is creeping back .... time to call the shrink!


  1. Thanks a lot for the video !

  2. that was awesome thanks for uploading

  3. great great great!!

  4. thanks so much! this guys are amazing!

  5. Thanks a lot for the video! must have been an awesome night...

  6. Amazing (:
    Last Saturday I went to a night club and the DJ played this song.

  7. Cheers for the vid and well done for grappling successfully with the technology. It took me about a fortnight to work out how to get a video from my PC to my ipod ... and when I finally got there it was a bit of an anticlimax tbh. At least your achievement is more useful to infinitely more people.

  8. Great performance! Not too ropey at all.



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