Monday, 26 January 2009

In The Hallowed (Dining) Halls Of Academia.

Myself and Dr Adam Ficek were guest lecturers at James Watt College music business course today. I always have fun at these and get very well fed in return. For example, we were treated to lunch and never being one to miss a free feed I opted for a portion of everything on the canteen menu, but no pudding. Macaroni cheese, haggis, peas, a pie and a tasty fishcake. Hang on! I did have a pudding, a very creamy fudge doughnut. Yum.

The talk was fun.

Author's note: The fudge doughnuts pictured are merely representative of a fudge doughnut. The doughnut I had today was an Aulds' fudge doughnut and anyone with an ounce of sense will spot that these clearly aren't. I can only imagine that this is because Aulds spend their valuable time scaling the peaks of doughnut perfection rather than wasting it taking pictures of their superior and delicious savoury and sweet products. God bless you Bertie Auld! A lion of a man, a fine footballer, inventor of the steak stoater, a bhoy and a damn good baker!


  1. Would you say that the fudge doughnut was your favourite Aulds sweet product, I was always partial to their strawberry tarts, one of the happiest periods of my life was when my brother drove an Aulds van and brought home the leftovers! Happy days

  2. Definitely the fudge doughnut! A pal of mine from The Albert is one of the top research bakers at Aulds. He often brings down a box of delights to the pub after work and we all fill our faces but sometimes he'd bring down a 'prototype' something not yet released on the taste-buds of Inverclyde. We were like the guinea pigs in some giant spongy experiment. Mmmmnnnn Happy Days Indeeed!

  3. Also ..... he once made a fudge doughnut the like of which I have never seen. It was the size of a lightly flattened football. The eighth wonder of the world!

  4. At one point my brother was in charge of making the snowballs, bloody loved them too, I think I might move home!


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