Sunday, 25 January 2009

Adam's Trip To Inverclyde.

Well Adam's about to get to get the full Inverclyde weather experience i.e. several different types of rain. Pity he didn't come yesterday when, although it was freezing cold, the skies were clear(ish) and the views of the Southern Highlands spectacular and the snow on the mountains beautiful. Still .... gotta get on with the show.
Waiting for the call on travel progress before making off to Greenock for the first engagement of the day, an in-store at Greenock's Rhythmic Records before the show this evening in Gourock. This one could be nice or not so nice. Adam's worried about his voice so a short but sweet set may be in order. It may be dead as dead can be which the Oak Mall (Greenock's shopping Mecca and shite magnet) often is on a Sunday. However I had a nice big piece in the local rag promoting the show so fingers crossed that diehards and younger fans who can't make the show later will show up and make him welcome. Still, it's a wee shop so even a small crowd will look healthy. I won't be booking any security for this one yet though.
Enough for the moment and no rest for the wicked even on a Sunday. There's a tour to set up!
More news / pics as I get them of the days events on their way. Hope it's a good one and if by some miracle the rain stops and the skies clear I'll take that as a portent of good things to come.

I've just posted my blog address on French Dog Blues and the thread somehow became a discussion about Adam Ficek's buttocks! Bah!

Well, Adam's ETA is 2.30 just in time for a wee session in Rhythmic. Still pishin' doon but let us not have our spirits dampened. We'll press on regardless!

In-store accomplished. Small but polite crowd there. Hung about eating pies and cakes while Adam chatted with a few fans. All good, the weathers even cleared up but that just means it'll be freezing tonight!

Well, all seemed to go quite well tonight. A pretty big crowd for a Sunday night in Gourock and everyone seemed to go away happy. It always puzzles me how some people can sit and talk the whole way through a song and then stop talking at the end to clap. Maybe I'm just crap at multi-tasking or maybe I'm just polite. If I want to natter I don't tend to go to nights which are primarily low key acoustic affairs and if I find myself at one I tend to keep my geggie shut. Maybe that's just me....

Och, anyway, had a good night. Tomorrow brings a talk by myself and Adam at James Watt College's music business course. I have given a few guest lectures there before to the next generation on the pitfalls and high spots of the music business. Should be interesting doing it with Adam. We agree on a lot of things in the business (in fact most) but it'll be fun to see the two different ways of expressing these thoughts to those who will one day fill our shoes or even maybe give us a job when we are on our uppers! The old days of a good pair of ears and business nous  getting you by alone are gone or are they.... A deft hand on a calculator may be one thing but if you cannae tell shit from shinola tune-wise you're still on a hiding to nothing so far as I am concerned.

Not many photos tonight but unless Adam pays me a ransom I'll stick up some photos of him having his haircut in Quigley's of Gourock, the finest salon in town! (ad break).

Added thanks to McD, Kristina, Alec and Liam T for making the night an enjoyable distraction from cold, wet January Gourock.


  1. HELLO ADRIAN & BABYSHAMBLES!!!!!!:):):):):):):)

    I hope you read this message: "HELLO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adrian it's not just you. Those talkative people seem to turn up almost everywhere Adam plays and I am also at a loss to understand why they don't just go somewhere else to natter so the rest of us can enjoy the music.

  3. The chatterers drove me nuts too - I think I'll be borrowing John McC's sound to go on my footage, as he offered. Lovely respectful crowd the next night at the Captain's Rest though, which made a welcome change!


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