Monday, 26 January 2009

Happiness In Ladies' Magazines.

As promised here's a couple of snaps from last night ....
Not great quality but I wasn't concentrating much.
There's one of Adam playing The Cafe Continental and the previously threatened shot of him having his haircut and reading a ladies' hairstyle magazine if you will. Please note the size of the bonce on Brendan who's cutting Adam's hair. It's quite immense. Still he did a fine job for a macrocephalic and no-one got hurt. Off to the local college now to have the piss ripped out of us by a bunch of spotty herberts who think they know music .... I'll be the judge of that you shower of rascals!

p.s. You might have noticed I am still getting the hang of posting photos so bear with me. I may even get to put up some video (exclusive to this blog) in the future if I actually figure out what the heck I am doing.


  1. no arse then? :(

  2. that IS a rather large bonce!!!

  3. stop with the "bonce jokes" and are you saying i have no arse"?!

  4. It's me that has no arse you fool. Your arse is just peachy! See Marie's profile picture for lack of evidence that I have an arse. If you follow what I mean.


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