Saturday, 24 January 2009

First Blog Of My Life.

Hi Folks,
I have entered the world of blogging.
I may choose to do it regularly, sporadically, often or never again.
I may write random crap or insightful worldviews .... mostly random crap.
However I'll be using this as one more way perhaps of keeping fans of Babyshambles, Vaults and Peter Doherty up to date with goings on.
I'll be putting up news and tour dates / diaries, hopefully some nice photos as soon as get them from the shows and may also enjoy myself posting random thoughts, opinions, rants and raves about life in general.
Hope some of it is interesting to at least a few folks out there .... might be, might not, might have fun doing it, might not.
One never knows until one tries.


  1. lots of stuff about carrots, i hope!

  2. so what the unrepressed babybear has to say now?

  3. If I put this in my "essentials" log on list in my favourites will that make me very, very sad or just a bit sad?

  4. It'll make you 'essentially' sad.
    The unrepressed babybear has this to say ... I am off for a curry!
    A carrot curry!

  5. bon appétit then!

  6. Marie, you'll need a bigger lens than that if you want to get a picture of my bottom. You simply have a picture of where it should be .... not the buttocks in question!

  7. Be careful Adrian,is that a challenge?


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