Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Dinner (Or Lunch If Your English).

I just ate a bowl of pasta which while very tasty was absolutely enormous. I don't eat much on tour and my stomach and appetite seem to shrink. However, since my return it's been getting back to it's normal level. Today it surpassed itself. I looked at the mound in front of me thinking 'I'm never going to get through all that' but I did and now my stomach hurts .... but in a nice way.
Only two and a half hours until dinner though but I reckon I'll be raring to go again in no time. I have pork chops, which will be delicious, but no sides yet. I have an idea that I may just go to the Co-op and get some macarroni cheese and cauliflower cheese .... now that sounds like a feast to me!


  1. Great! A food blog! So how was dinner? By the way, I'm still hoping you'll give me the spaghetti blognese recipe.. Will you? Or is it a big secret?

    If you want too, I'll give you another recipe in exchange ;-)

  2. You look quite slender on the photos... How do you manage it with the appetite like that? Good genetics? Special exercises? Oh, I see... all the energy goes to that "death moves"!!!

  3. Update!
    I had the dinner and I also had a kebab shortly afterwards to fill a little gap!

  4. All the best people tweet what they eat ... but you'd probably struggle to describe any of your meals in only 140 characters :-)

  5. I say, tell it like it is. Why anyone sane would ever want to 'get to know the band backstage', let alone steal their rider while ignoring the gig itself is beyond me. But then, the people who do want to do that are not sane, are they? They're just wannabe’s riding on someone else's coat-tails for the ride, forgetting that gigging musicians are just human beings and often go through horrors to get on a stage and get through a gig, night after night. It's not fucking glamorous. It's bloody hard work to make it look easy, night after night. And, sadly, the fans are often much stronger than the performer, because they have so much more invested but give so much less. You can see it both ways but it does takesa toll on all concerned, keeping 'the show' on the road. I'd say just keep doing what you're doing; seems to be getting positive results at the moment. And, sadly, sometimes you have to be rude to people because some people won't back down for anything less. As long as you don’t get over-cynical and remember that not all people are like that, you'll be ok. ;)


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