Thursday, 5 March 2009

Can A Camel Pass Through The Eye Of A Needle?

Good Lord, there really is no rest for the wicked .... and long may it remain so.
You must know those days, when you think (and I speak relatively here), "Hey, today might be a bit of an easy one here" then it turns into a doozey, a floozey, one that makes you want to get boozey!
I just pressed 'send' on what I hope to be the last work e-mail of the day although I doubt it may be the case. However, chin up Mr Bear, I reckon I got some smashing things sorted out and without getting all gushy and sentimental I feel real glad to be in a job that the harder I work the happier it can sometimes make people.
Not fishing for thanks or kudos here because I know what a lucky bleeder I am to do what I do but please let me indulge myself in the knowledge of a hard day's work today which will bring results.
Not saving the planet by any means but maybe today's efforts will put a few smiles on a few faces soon and when I see them .... that's what makes it worth it .... That, the Rolls Royce, trophy girlfriend and free hotel toiletries as well obviously.
Bugger, there goes the in-box!


  1. No, no rest for the wicked anytime soon hahaha! Maybe you should eat something.. You'll be on top of your game again!

  2. Funny you should say that ....
    Today was some delicious home made soup followed by spaghetti bolognese. I'll dig out my dad's recipe.

  3. You must start posting your meals on Twitter. Those of us who are food tweeters need your input and inspiration.

  4. babybear... you wanna excahange recipes with me.. every time you talke about the spaghetti bolognese, i get curious...


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