Thursday, 26 March 2009

Been Away Lately.

I have been here are there and everywhere recently and it's been great.
I could try and do a synopsis of every show but I won't because every time there is a new one the past one's memories kind of fade .... I'm getting old.
Suffice to say that there has been a vibe on this tour the likes of which has astounded me.
Travelling around with the likes of Graham, Stephen and all the other wonderful musicians has been a dream come true.
Discos in the downstairs lounge, Smooth FM on the radio, chips 'n' curry sauce, The Boabie's been oot, Budgie Killer's been tweeting and Brucies been bouncing ...... Whaaaaa?
Newcastle tonight an the Nogmeister's getting ready to rumble!
Looking forward to this immensely.
May write more later.
May not but you'll here from me soon I promise.

Aaah. Lovely day room comfort in Edinburgh after the bus journey up last night. Venue looks lovely and the dressing rooms look very odd. I like odd though.
Always a good crowd in Scotland and The Barras proved that they're quite accepting of the current 'grown up' line up. We have however, I think, managed to bridge the gap of professionalism with the much loved inherent bedlam now. so best of both worlds really.

Oh it's been a funny old tour. Some dates with the full band and some with just Mowgli on his todd. Always been fun though. Lots of good memories. I particularly like the one of when myself and the Brucie were soaking up the sun outside the tour bus in Folkestone and a 'posse' of local 'yoot' came over for a chat. Thing is we couldn't understand a word they were saying. They kept saying things like 'blazing the chronic' and 'schnizzing their bizzles' ..... hilarious. Nice lads though.

London Troxy tomorrow. I assume it'll be the usual London guest list chaos. Funny how old 'friends' I haven't seen for months always decide it's a good time for a catch up call just before a London show. Spooky coincidence or just bare faced blaggers .... I'll let you decide.


  1. Glad to hear your enjoying yourself.At least when your in a home for old people in a few years you'll have loads of memories.Looking forward to Edinburgh tomorrow night. Maybe see you there.

  2. Good! You're back! Reading this makes me very excited for the gig in Lille... See you there?

  3. is it me or you're a curry addict?!?

  4. Ah, Folkestone. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.


  5. troxy is on sunday isn't it? not tomorrow??????

  6. I have been missing you.
    So good to hear that everything's going fine.
    see u

  7. Is the troxy not on sunday?

  8. Nothing wrong with being a curry addict ... I hope. "Best of both worlds" - yes I thought so last night, actually (tho' I could have done without someone just behind me singing everything very loudly, word perfect but completely out of tune - aaaargh!).

  9. Bet you are glad to get back home after it all, it was some journey. Thanks for Lincoln, loved it. And please come back to Twitter, you are missed.


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