Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh Well, Here We Go!

Oh fuck it here you go ....

His accusation ....

"I've just heard that Pete Doherty hijacked my friends evening at Proud
Galleries in London by turning up and demanding the stage, forcing all the
other bands, who had travelled all the way there and were looking forward to
playing, to cancel. Even more proof of how much of an inconsiderate tosser
that man really is! And shame on Proud Galleries for bending over backwards
to allow him to just do that. When will Pete Doherty just fuck off and move
to the country?

Oh, and Pete Doherty also took the money that should have gone to the other
bands. Proud Galleries you should be ashamed!"

My response ....

"Well that's just charming.
If (and that's a big IF) this is true it was nothing to do with any of us.
I contacted Proud yesterday morning to see if they had availability for a short notice show.
They said yes. At no point was there any indication that any other bands would be cancelled that evening to make it happen. We even asked to be put in the small room to the side in case this was an issue.
We were told that there was a world music event on in that room and we mutually agreed that we would not be upsetting that booking. Because, as I say below, that's just not what we do.
That's point one.
Point two, there weren't any cancellations to my knowledge. That is not how we operate and if that were to be the case we would have chosen another venue.
Often venues have been so keen to have us that they OFFER to cancel bands to accommodate and we have always chosen another venue rather than let this be the case.
Point three. Peter actually does live in the country so Mr * should do his research a bit more thoroughly.
Point four. Peter Doherty never took any money due to any other band. The majority of the money was made via a direct ticket link specifically for Babyshambles tickets. If Mr * is suggesting what I think he is it could be construed as Peter (and Babyshambles) taking money which didn't belong to them .... that's not a million miles away from an accusation of theft and he's skating on very thin ice throwing that kind of accusation around.
Point five. Perhaps Mr * may consider getting a life. He likes having a dig at Peter whenever he gets the chance. You'd think he'd be bored of it by now because I think everyone else is.
I seem to remember him being quoted (see below) threatening to throw a pint over Peter. Funnily enough we weren't troubled by any pint throwing indie tough talkers that day. Maybe he just forgot or maybe he just plumb changed his mind?
Point six. I put this down simply to the (t)witterings of some poor chap who's not got anything else interesting to say and likes to jump on the 'slate Doherty' bandwagon. All this serves to do is to put his outpourings in the same class as the standard cliched tripe the Red Tops serve up on a regular basis.

"I don't think there is anyone I want to negatively accost at the festival," he said, before changing his mind. "I suppose I would throw a pint of beer over Pete Doherty if he is there."

* also said he wants to "ask him [Doherty] what he thinks he is doing.""

Well *, feel free.
However you only ever seem to want to do it through at third party.
I'm not suggesting for a second here a 'pistols at dawn' scenario.
But perhaps you might may consider for a second that people can recognise an internet tough guy.
They can also recognise someone who's getting a bit boring slagging someone they've never met in a quite rude and ill informed manner.
I always wondered why when you play the same festivals as us you never seem to pop in for a chat.
Maybe next time. We'll have a nice slice of Battenburg and a Dandelion and Burdock and talk all your issues through.
In the meantime if you could refrain from disengaging brain before (t)wittering it may be wise as I said before.

Oh, I also forgot this ....
News from Proud Gallery.
Gosh almighty *y boy. Might want to check yer facts before running off at the old Twitter button.
Now these are the facts from the venue. The sub-promoter either has issues with them (or not as the case may be). Perhaps the bands should have issues with the sub promoter. Perhaps the venue should have issues with the bands having issues with the sub promoter .... Not anything to do with us.

We put a gig on with 6 hours notice in good faith and a lot of people had a good time.
Keep yer tired opinions to yourself until you really know what you're talking about is my advice young man.

The promoter got more than he would have, we have no input into how we then pays the bands with the money we give him. No bands were cancelled, they played a slightly earlier set. Normally live music ends by 11pm, Pete started at 11pm!

* Insert name of singer from mediocre indie band with one tune anyone remembers but wasn't really that good anyway.


  1. perfect response. Cal

  2. Brilliant response! He obviously slags Peter to get publicity, sad really but god knows he needs it.

  3. Urgh I hate people who slate others for attention. And his band really are shit.

  4. Great and very thorough response :)

  5. You'd think they'd be grateful for the extra exposure. Pfffft.

  6. What a farce. All their songs are sung on one note. Boring.

  7. great!
    i dont' understant his point! what his life looks like? always looking for new false and idiot story!! this guy looks like a f***ing tabloid.
    can we throw him in the trash too??? :)

  8. Whose blog is this?

    Curious in California

  9. Hope this helps "LAZY EYE MANAGEMENT!


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