Thursday, 29 October 2009

Should I Spill The Beans?

What a dilemma.
Or should I use the negativity of others and make something positive of it?
Actually I could do both ....


  1. Glad to hear your still alive we thought you had disappeared of the face of the earth. Why bother spilling the beans, they would probably still pick holes in it and you know the old saying regarding stick's and stones

  2. I see your point but I'm still very tempted.

  3. I know but you'd just adding more fuel to the fire. The bit that pissed me of was about "never trust a scotsman when it comes to money". I can only say that from the dealings i've had with you when I asked for help with Olivia, your a decent guy.

  4. Glad you are back babybear. I can understand you are tempted to spill the beans. I think you were not treated fair. You have to do what you think is best. Is life ever fair?

  5. I'd give my side of the story if I were you, it might be help to get it off your chest? By the way Peter stuck up for you on fdw today :)

  6. Spill! Not that i'm nosy or anything... Looking forward to the babyshambles tour in dec and hope alls well in the shambles camp

  7. You can bar me for saying this if you want but why dont you just spill the beans if you are going to.

    Threatening to just seems like attention seeking to me.

  8. Of course I won't bar you. You never said anything libelous or defamatory and for me to bar you for making this statement would seem a little hypocritical of me wouldn't it. This post of mine isn't attention seeking, although I can see why it could be misconstrued as such. I am actually seeking advice from others about what to do. What I have to say could have far reaching effects and I have to consider if it's worth kicking things off, and they would kick off. My feeling is that I fry the bigger fish I have at the moment and the results of that will negate he need to give my side of the story. However, when you've been subjected to unwarranted abuse, libel and defamatory statements the initial urge is to defend oneself. Further advice would be appreciated.

  9. I know Peter stuck up for me. That was very kind of him. Mysteriously now my member status will go from 'permanently banned for misconduct' to re-instated.
    Oddly enough this can only be done on Monday. One last little power trip for the 'moderators' perhaps. I use the word 'moderator' very lightly indeed. Ironically, wishing to be paid a large amount of money to moderate and the end up doing the exact opposite in their libelous and defamatory posts. Even to the extent of, if not positively encouraging then certainly allowing, young kids and 'haters' to do the same. Not very good 'moderation' in my book.
    Another odd thing .... After defending their decision not to lock the offensive thread, the thread is mysteriously locked 'to keep the peace'.
    This smacks of one of three things to me .... The error of their ways was made clear to them, they came to their senses and realised what they had posted and facilitated the continuation of or it would make it harder for me to individually deal with some of the hateful bile in that thread.
    If it were the last option, too late folks, I have a little folder on my desktop full of screengrabs. I'll let you into a little secret here .... The name of the folder is 'libel'.

  10. All is indeed well in the Shambles camp. A regrouping of the troops following this year's mostly solo campaign has been happening and everyone's looking forward to the December shows. Thanks for asking.

  11. What I found unjust was that they banned you and THEN made accusations when you couldn't post to defend yourself. That's a bit cowardly of them and it's unfair for only one side of the story to be given.

  12. I agree. The further irony is that one of the criticisms leveled was that I was not defending the accusations on a forum from which my critics had barred me. Whatever way you look at it, that's just either stupid or malicious.
    However, I must also state that I am no angel. There are two sides to this story but to be tried, sentenced and hung out to dry by a kangaroo court is simply wrong whatever way you look at things.
    The basic principal that someone assumes that right is disgusting and abhorrent.

  13. Stupid, malicious or a poisonous mixture of both.

  14. Babyshambles are rehearsing twice a week - lets eat beans!

  15. Allowing someones name to be dragged through the mud and refusing them the right to reply is plain nasty, hope you've not taken any comments to heart. Glad everything's good with Babyshambles, can't wait to see them in Cardiff!

  16. I don't know the exact ins and outs of all the FDW kerfuffle. However it appears (and I say appears as, funnily enough, I've already said I don't know the exact details). If, however, the folks running the place are under the impression that they were to have been paid (or provided the wherewithal to pay the running costs, rather than paying out of their own pockets) then it would imply to me that they've either made a mistake, or they've been promised something they haven't had.

    Either way, one would hope the situation is resolved in a sppedy fashion. It would be a shame to lose the place.

  17. I agree. It would be a monstrous shame to lose the place.

  18. Spilling the beans may just prolong the argument, sometimes it is best to move on or resolve these matters in private.
    I'm very pleased that you are to be reinstated on the forum, always enjoyed reading your posts.

  19. it's only a forum but those were strong allocations against you. So yeah you need to do something if they aren't true.

    However I stand by my comments about sometimes being online in a bad mood and taking it out on people that maybe don't deserve it and not doing yourself any favours.


  20. Pete needs a new forum. French dog is ok but it's hard to find any actual Pete/shambles/ music threads. It's all 'what did you have for dinner' and 'who's drinking this weekend' shite. Maybe split it up up into categories. I know its meant to be like the original forum, which was at the start of it all, great but was the best one once Pete stopped posting as much. Just a thought.

    In regards to your question. Spill the beans. The other side has presented what appears to be a fairly black and white case so it would be good to hear your view of things.

  21. "If, however, the folks running the place are under the impression that they were to have been paid (or provided the wherewithal to pay the running costs, rather than paying out of their own pockets) then it would imply to me that they've either made a mistake, or they've been promised something they haven't had."

    At no point did I ever promise anyone anything. I, in retrospect maybe foolishly, offered my services to help. Maybe the amount of time it took to get things moving along was too long for them or my communication wasn't as good as they wanted. But, I have no interest in FDW financially AT ALL so there's no reason for me to scupper any plans to pay them. I simply suggested that they would have more chance of their demands being 'heard' (no suggestion of being met) if I put it to the person who's money it was and to the accountants. I did this 'without prejudice' i.e. never gave my opinion on the amount being asked for so as any response I received would be untainted by the fact that the sum was clearly absurd. All individuals I had to put this to came back with the same opinion and strange looks because I hadn't told them how ridiculous I thought the sum was in the first place.

    Having received the answer I expected from both I then suggested putting together the request in the form of a business plan. What I received could hardly be described as a business plan so I made suggestions as to how it could be improved. 'Hardly an improvement' would be the kindest words I could use here.

    I could go on but I won't for the moment other than to say I then started my own investigation into how matters could be improved and a way of doing so that SPECIFICALLY included them.

    Ironically, shortly after this the abuse started on FDW which was not moderated.

    Then a post which engendered a lot of sympathy for the 'moderators'.

    Then I was barred and the defamatory abuse and libel started in earnest and was NOT moderated at all. If anything it was added to and encouraged by the 'moderators'.

    As I said, timescale and level of communication may not have been the best from my part, but at one point I was even told not to communicate with them by phone .... Not great on their part either. I have the chain of communication logged.

    One last point of note. When the abusive thread was first posted I stepped out of an intensive care ward to be informed of it. I'd really like to think the timing of this wasn't planned because if it was .... Oh dear.

    So, in short, to coin a quaint Scottish phrase I wouldn't give those jokers the 'steam off my pish'.

    The above is a precis of events and opinions I could go into more detail but I shan't. I'll maybe save that for a more appropriate moment.

    One last point .... They were advised at one stage to either refrain from the libel or take me to a small claims court. They said it would take too long and the court's ruling would be unenforceable. The other way of looking at this is that they didn't have a fucking leg to stand on and would rather have their own little kangaroo court where they sat as judge and jury with a verdict planned in advance along with a defendant who had no access to plead guilty, not guilty or even speak at all.

    I am perfectly happy to state that I would like to actively encourage them to take this to the small claims court. I'd even cover the fee to make the application. I really don't see this happening though because they don't have a leg to stand on. Part of my case would certainly detail the fact that the 'moderators' became the libelous abusers thus proving ipso facto that they had no right to the large amount of money they wanted in the first place.

  22. Nice to finally hear your side anyway. Hopefully you saw there were also supportive comments about you on there and many (including me) who just kept well out of it. Hope Peter is feeling better now too.

  23. Thanks for that. Thanks for also reminding me about the supportive comments received. It's all too easy to dwell on the negative sometimes but they were all gratefully received and for that I am very, very grateful. Peter is feeling top notch now and thanks for asking. Onwards and upwards!

  24. I know this is old stuff, but now, with hindsight, I'm really glad they were never paid. I hope you never do give them even the steam off of anything you've got. lol I don't think it would be a shame to lose that place at all though. Maybe you can make a plan to start and fund a new forum and let someone responsible and honest run it - whether paid or volunteer. Just a thought.



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