Saturday, 23 May 2009

Celebrity Soccer Six.

Righto folks, currently in the departure lounge London bound for the annual Celebrity Soccer Six tournament at Stamford Bridge (home of the reviled Chelsea FC).
It's all gone a bit odd on my computer at the moment so I might have to have a fiddle with my dongle.
Apologies if the pagination is a bit haywire.
Any how, I'll be attempting a game by game blog as events progress with pictures and everything,
if this damn computer starts to work properly.
We face some tough competition tomorrow not least from the team who worked out that you can usurp the one ex-professional rule
by also including an ex-professional athlete who when forced to choose between football and the sport in which he is most commonly associated with
chose the other sport. There fore a top class athlete with the skills of a pro footballer yet not classed as such.

Anyhoo, it'd be churlish to think of things this way so I shall banish the thought from my mind.
Really looking forward to a good day in aid of The Samaritans and no matter who wins we should all have fun.

I reckon a quiet night is in order with absurd amounts of food and quality sleep is in order the let the games commence!
Wish us luck ....


  1. can't wait for the pictures and review
    good luck !

  2. Good luck A and K

    You should have taken me as a sub and life coach for Kev, as well as my silky skills that you know I have!

    Next year eh!? Puhleese!

    Kev- go for it wee man- IALC!!!

  3. Good luck. Here's hoping you do well with this team because I don't hold out much hope for our other bhoys! Fingers crossed anyway.

  4. yeah! good luck guys :)

  5. Good luck Team Babyshambles! Enjoy the games.Hope you make it to the final again.

  6. Sorry, was too busy for dongleisation.
    We won though!!!!!

  7. Just to say that were thinking about you and hope when things a calmer you manage to find time to post somthing.x

  8. 'Well, tickle my tits till Friday' Thought you'd appreciate Willy Russell and bit of ribtickling. Sorry couldn't resist(just a one off) x

  9. Please blog again soon? x


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